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Break Through the Noise

Storytelling is the Key

You already know a lot about your customers, so why not use that data to recognize them as the individuals they are?

With AI, the sales process becomes a One-Click solution. In minutes, a personalized story is created for each of your customers for a product that satisfies their need. The result? Increased sales with less resources spent. What would a 5 percent increase in conversion do for your business?

Purchase History

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A Product recommendation that satisfies the customers need - and with a captivating story for why the customer needs your product.

Why Should You Care?

You should care because personalization and data-driven

storytelling comverts


Would prefer brands that deliver
relevant suggestions to them


Are more inclined to engage with a curated offer tailored to reflect their past experiences


Will stop buying from brands that use poor personalization tactics

Connecting Dots
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You Choose the Medium

We create the story, you decide where you want it - be it SMS, In App, Email or on your Website

Ready to supercharge your customer communication?


We Work with your Technologies

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Your Prefered CRM

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