The Next Generation Investment Tool

Say goodbye to noise, find what matters.

An AI-powered Investment Tool that Blocks Information Overload

Market Shriek is an AI-powered investment tool that helps you separate signal from noise and enables you to make informed investment decisions.

We do the Searching, You do the Decision

We scour the web for information and present it in a personalized automatically curated information feed.

Condensed not Bloated 

Articles and blogs are summarized to get the most important information without the fluff.

The most Impactful Information

Market Shriek analyses the quality and impact of information for every item on the platform.

Wide Variety of Assets

The days are long past where people only invested in stocks. We support a wide variety of assets everything from commodities to nfts.

A new kind of investor.
A new kind of tool.

More than 140M people have joined online trading platforms in the last couple of years and the interest in investing has boomed. 

These new retail investors have a demand for simplicity and efficiency but what they actually get is archaic investment tools and a scattered information landscape.

We created Market Shriek to help the new generation of retail investors overcome information overload and get the insights they need - so they can make good investment decisions on their way to financial freedom

The markets are changing


Of retail investors are under 30.


People have joined online trading platforms


Of fresh retail investors are planning to invest more


Of investors are struggeling with information overload

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