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Personalized Newsletters for Your Investor Clients

Tailored content,

better relationships.

An AI-powered solution to foster deeper connections with your customers

Market Shriek is a powerful, AI-driven platform that helps financial institutions build stronger relationships with their clients through personalized, relevant content.


Tailored to the portfolio, interests and risk profile of your investor clients

Your Content

We combine our knowledge about the market with your analyses and reports to generate the newsletter


Automate repetitive tasks, such as sending out regular newsletters and tracking customer engagement, to save companies time and resources.

In your voice

We can train our AI models to generate newsletter in a writing style that fits your company.

For your investor clients

We created Market Shriek to help companies improve customer engagement and retention by providing personalized, relevant content.

At the same time we want to help the investor with good information in a world filled with information overload.

Engagement is easy with Market Shriek


Of customers say that the experience a company provides is just as important as the product


Of unpersonalized marketing emails are opened


Of businesses say that targeted personalization increases customer engagement.


Higher click through rate for personalized emails

Our Partners

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