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By allowing its users to predefine, among other elements, their interests, geographical origin of wanted information and preferred languages, Market Shriek collects a broad spectrum of information from a wide range of sources.

Market Shriek gathers information
Market Shrieks sources include traditional sources – such as your local newspaper and the Wall Street Journal, and less traditional ones – like Twitter and Reddit.

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Market Shriek uses state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure that you are presented only the most relevant information to you and your interests.

Inpact of elon musk on the stock market

A single tweet from Elon Musk
can send stocks soaring. 

Market Shriek captures this - and much more. 

Gathering the Complete Information Picture

Online information is often unstructured and unorganised. This makes it difficult for the everyday person to separate valuable information from noise. More so, it makes it difficult to identify events and headlines that have an indirect impact on specific topics. 

Market Shriek, therefore, structures information with different tags - or what we call financial topics.

Market Shriek allows for a full-picture presentation of information at any level of detail - be it at the industry level (e.g. the energy industry) or company level (e.g. Tesla). 


It means that Market Shriek captures not only the events and news that have a direct impact on your interests but also the information that has an indirect impact. How near or far-out something potentially impacts something else is at all times visible to the user.


Combating Fake News & Misinformation

Market Shriek aims to actively fight fake news. By collecting information from several sources and displaying them side-by-side, Market Shriek aims to always display both sides of a story. Next to this, Market Shriek fact checks all articles and clearly labels articles that contain factual faults


How Does Market Shriek Display Information?

Be it on your desktop or through the App, Market Shriek is designed to present its collected information in an intuitive feed-format.




Social Media



News articles are automatically summarised in a few sentences for time-efficiency purposes. When you want a deep dive, you can easily go to the original article from here.

Social Media posts from important and influential figures are directly shown on the platform while posts from less-known people are aggregated and presented as the voice of the crowd. 

Market Shriek shows visualisations tailored to you - be it as a sentiment analysis of the general market or a technical analysis of a specific stock.